Transformers Hot Rod T-shirts

Transformers T-shirts

These are some Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime T-shirt concepts I came up with many years ago. I loved Transformers when I was a kid, so naturally I wanted to be one. Of course that’s impossible, but put on a shirt like this and you could walk around all day feeling like you could change into a car at any moment!

I’m not the only person to have had this idea, but I think my simpler design based on the design of the cartoon character works better. The shirt below uses the artwork from the toy which doesn’t work so well with the crew neckline of a T-shirt.

There’s a similar T-shirt for Tracks, using the flame design from the hood of the toy’s vehicle mode. Unlike Hot Rod, the flames are not present on his chest when he’s in robot mode. It’s not a bad design, but I think Hot Rod is the better choice for this type of character shirt.

Here’s a couple of other Transformers chest design shirts I found, which don’t work nearly as well since the designs have an upper boundary which doesn’t integrate with the shirt itself.