An alien-based soccer-themed clothing line with a crude sense of humor.


The inspiration for this shirt came from a Brazilian soccer-style T-shirt I’ve had since college. The design is the result of a series of random thoughts like “soccer is a sport that’s very alien to most Americans”, extraterrestrial associations with anal probing leading to bad jokes involving Uranus, paired with a parody of Adidas’ trademark three-stripe sleeve design element.

The soccer-ball/alien head design appears in a crest on the left chest with the Shöccer hands on both sleeves. The jersey number, 42, is an homage to the legendary comedic sci-fi novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The original Uranus Probers design features a traditional Little Green Men-style alien while the alternate Roswell Grays version is paired with a Martian red background.