Oklahoma City Thunder orange jerseys

OKC Orange

When the Seattle Supersonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008, the franchise’s jerseys changed from a color scheme of green and yellow with a fairly unique device for displaying the name to become just one of the many uniforms in the NBA to use blue with yellow or orange trim. And to make matters worse, the Thunder chose a small and uninspired font to adorn the front of their jersey. I think it would be nice if the Thunder jerseys stood out a bit more, perhaps by choosing a primary color that no other team uses, like orange:

Splitting ‘Oklahoma’ and ‘City’ around the number would clean up the crowded lettering at the top. The arrangement worked well on the special Hornets jerseys that team wore for the final home game of their two-year stint away from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina (although the typeface clearly suited “New Orleans” better).

Alternatively, a simplified ‘OKC’ could make for a much cleaner look. And while the Thunder’s management has stated in the past that no one knows what ‘OKC’ stands for—something I don’t think was true then and certainly isn’t now—Phoenix and Atlanta have used three-letter abbreviations without confusing anyone. Most NBA fans I know already say “O-K-C”. Either way, they should select a typeface that better matches the distinctive look of the jersey numbers to create a more consistent look.