A pirate/golf-themed casual lifestyle brand, that incorporates Scottish and nautical design elements with a marketing motif involving humor and fashion industry parodies.


I’ve long preferred the look and feel of Ralph Lauren’s classic Polo shirts, but I having something of a love-hate relationship with the brand because of the way the company markets itself as an icon of American style while outsourcing production—and consequently jobs—overseas. I want a classy shirt I can be proud to wear—one Made in the USA out of American-grown hemp.

I wanted to create a new type of lifestyle brand but I didn’t want to follow the rest of the fashion world and slap another animal logo on my designs. I wanted to make a statement with a brand that signaled—in no uncertain terms—its opposition to everything the apparel industry stands for.

And what better way to do that than by satirizing corporate branding with the ultimate anti-logo: the Jolly Roger. What most people call a ‘polo shirt’ started off as the tennis shirt designed by René Lacoste. The style was later adopted by golfers, so building on that theme, I replaced the bones with golf clubs, added an eyepatch and the name practically proclaimed itself: Jolly Golferrr!


The classic wordmark uses the typeface Academy Engraved with golf balls standing in for the O’s and comes in two treatments: 1. black lettering on a white background and 2. gold-and-white lettering on a black background.

The alternate dagger wordmark uses Lucida Blackletter for an edgier look and can be used with a wider range of colors and on many different applications.

Golf Shirrrt

Jolly Golferrr’s signature piqué knit hemp golf shirt features a two-button slanted placket, short sleeves with ribbed armbands, even vented hem and embroidered Jolly Golferrr logo on the left chest.

Big Jolly

A parody of Polo Ralph Lauren’s ‘Big Pony’ series, Big Jolly features an oversized Jolly Golferrr logo on the left chest and the number ’13’ on the right sleeve of a classic Jolly Golferrr Golf Shirrrt. Whereas Polo’s ‘Big Pony’ shirts display the number ‘3’ (indicating the leader of a polo team), our design adds a ‘1’ in front of it, maintaining the basic look while putting a Jolly Golferrr spin on it. The number ’13’ plays into both the patriotic and antiauthoritarian aspects of Jolly Golferrr’s branding, paying homage the original thirteen colonies and embracing the ‘unlucky’ number, respectively.

Nautical By Nature

Inspired by the International Maritime Signal Flags for J(uliet) and G(olf) comes these nautical-themed special editions of the Jolly Golferrr Golf Shirrrt.


Jolly Golferrr’s line of fitted crew neck T-shirts in a variety of styles and colors.


Jolly Golferrr’s tartan pattern shorts feature an elastic waistband with an embroidered Jolly Golferrr logo, zip fly, two side pockets and a back pocket on the right side.


Jolly Golferrr’s Arrrgyle collection pays homage to golf’s Scottish origins.

Jolly Golferrr’s Arrrgyle sweater vest (above) features a subtle argyle pattern and embroidered Jolly Golferrr logo on the left chest. Jolly Golferrr’s Arrrgyle pattern socks (below) feature an embroidered Jolly Golferrr logo on the outside of each sock.


Jolly Golferrr’s cardigan sweaters feature a nautically-inspired shawl collar.

Street Wearrr

The Jolly Golferrr Street Wearrr collection extends the line into more casual styles of clothing and exclusively uses the alternate wordmark.

Jolly Golferrr’s fitted baseball cap (above) features the alternate Jolly Golferrr wordmark on the front and an embroidered Jolly Golferrr logo on the back. Jolly Golferrr’s Big Jolly hoodie (below) features an oversized embroidered Jolly Golferrr logo on the left chest and the number ’13’ on the back. Jolly Golferrr’s Carrrgo Shorts (below) feature the Jolly Golferrr alternate wordmark on the back right pocket.

Brand Parodies

One fun aspect of creating a pirate-themed brand with a mission to take on the apparel industry is the potential for brand parodies. Mimicking identity elements of well-known brands and putting your own spin on it can produce some entertaining results:

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