Elephant Logos

Elephant Logos

As someone who has used elephant imagery in my own identity design, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at some of the many brands that use elephants in their logos.


Organizations from political parties, to makers of apparel and accessories to beer companies, technology and entertainment providers have all incorporated elephants in their brand identities.


Collegiate and professional sports organizations have also embraced elephants. Starting in Philadelphia the Athletics first used a couple of crudely drawn blue elephants as their primary logo before moving on, in Kansas City and later Oakland, to the now classic elephant standing on a baseball while holding a bat. The A’s walking white elephant actually looks like it could have been a forerunner to the University of Alabama’s big ‘A’ logo. The A’s green and gray foreword facing elephant head, which is somehow balancing a pair of baseball bats on its trunk, is similar to Alabama’s logo from the 90’s, as is Tufts University’s blue Jumbo logo.