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Sports Apparel Brands map

• founded in 1924 by Adolph “Adi” and Rudolph Dassler as Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory in Herzogenaurach, Germany.
• rebranded as “Adidas” (Adi+Das)  in 1949 following split with Rudolph who subsequently founded Puma.

• founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka as Onitsuka Tiger in Kobe, Japan.
• rebranded as “ASICS” in 1977 following a merger with GTO and JELENK.
• name is an acronym for anima sana in corpora sano, meaning “healthy soul in a healthy body.”

Canterbury of New Zealand
• founded in 1904 by John Lane, Pringle Walker and Alfred Rudkin in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
• headquarters: Stockport, England.

• founded in 1919 by Bill and Abe Feinbloom as the Knickerbocker Knitting Company in Rochester, New York.
• rebranded as Champion Knitting Mills, Inc. in the 1930s.
• headquarters: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
• parent company: HanesBrands, acquired by former parent company, Sara Lee, in 1989.

• founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts.
• headquarters: Boston.
• parent company: Nike, Inc., acquired in 2003.

• founded in 1948 by Marcello Danieli in Caerano di San Marco, Italy.
• name is derived from Greek and means “by means of gifts.”

• founded in 1911 by the Fila brothers in Biella, Italy.
• headquarters: Seoul, South Korea.

• founded in 1966 by Swiss immigrants Art and Ernie Brunner in Los Angeles, California.
• headquarters: Westlake Village, California.
• parent company: E-Land (Seoul, South Korea), acquired in 2013.

• founded in 1916 by Abramo Vitale, Guglielmo Marengo and Ettore Gaetano Donn as Calizificio Torinese in Turin, Italy.
• rebranded as MCT following merger with Manifattura Tessuti Maglierie S.P.A. Inc. in 1955.
• rebranded as Robe di Kappa in 1967.
• name comes from Greek letter kappa, for the company’s ‘K’ (Kontrollen) quality control mark, introduced in 1956.
• logo: “Omini” (Italian for men), a silhouette of a man and woman sitting back-to-back, introduced in 1969.
• parent company: BasicNet S.p.A.

Le Coq Sportif
• founded in 1882 by Émile Camases in Romilly-sur-Seine, France.
• name is French for “the athletic rooster.”
• logo: Gallic rooster, a national symbol of France, introduced in 1948.

• founded in 1976 by Faust Capobianco, III in Tampa, Florida.
• parent company: VF (Greensboro, NC), acquired in 2007.

• founded in 1906 as Mizuno Brothers Ltd. by Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno in Osaka, Japan.

• founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman as Blue Ribbon Sports in Beaverton, Oregon.
• rebranded as Nike in 1971, named for the Greek goddess of victory.
• logo: “Swoosh”

New Balance
• founded in 1909 by William J. Riley as New Balance Arch Support Company in Boston, Massachusetts.

• founded in 1989
• headquarters: Quanzhou, Fujian, China

• founded in 1924 by Adolph “Adi” and Rudolph Dassler as Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory in Herzogenaurach, Germany.
• rebranded first as “Ruda” and then “Puma” in 1948 following split with Adi who subsequently founded Adidas.
• parent company: Kering (Paris), acquired in 2007

• founded in 1895 as J.W. Foster and Sons in Bolton in Lancashire, England.
• rebranded as Reebok in 1958,
• name derived from the African rhebok antelope.
• headquarters: Canton, Massachusetts
• parent company: Adidas, acquired in 2005

• founded in 1902 by Benjamin Russell in Alexander City, Alabama.
• headquarters: Bowling Green, Kentucky.
• parent company: Berkshire Hathaway (Omaha, Nebraska), acquired in 2006.

• founded in 1898 by William Donnoyer, Thomas Levan, Walter Snyder & Benjamin Reider in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.
• name comes from the Lenni Lenape Native American word saconk meaning “where two rivers run together.”
• logo depicts three boulders in a river, a reference to the company’s original location on the Saucony Creek.
• headquarters: Lexington, Massachusetts.
• parent company: Wolverine World Wide (Rockford, Michigan), acquired in 2012.

• founded in 1924 Harold and Wallace Humphreys in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England.
• name is a quasi-portmanteau inspired by “Humphreys Brothers”.
• headquarters: Manchester, England
• parent company: Iconix (New York), acquired in 2013

Under Armour
• founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank in Baltimore, Maryland.

• founded in 1913 as the Ashland Manufacturing Company.
• rebranded as Thomas E. Wilson Company in 1915 and later the Wilson Sporting Goods Company in 1931.
• headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
• parent company: Amer Sports (Helsinki, Finland), acquired in 1989.