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Adidas The Go-To Tee

Go-to-TeeAs I mentioned in my last post, I’m a lifelong Hornets fan and so when the Bobcats online store debuted the first wave of Charlotte Hornets 2.0 merchandise I immediately ordered a T-shirt featuring the new primary logo. When it finally arrived, I was pleased with the quality of the print but I have to say I was disappointed in the shirt itself.

Adidas became the official supplier of NBA uniforms and apparel in 2006. At first I thought it was a bit strange because I associated Adidas more with soccer than basketball. But in the years since, I’ve bought a number of NBA shirts and jerseys from Adidas and I’ve generally been satisfied with them. I picked up a couple of shirts at the ‘Hornets Nest’ in New Orleans Arena in 2008 and to this day they’re still two of my favorite shirts—both are good heavyweight tees, 100% cotton, size Medium.

PaulLast November while I was in New York I dropped by the NBA Store on 5th Avenue. My main goal was to pick up a Chris Paul shirt for my friend Paul. Since I’d gotten him a New Orleans Hornets CP3 shirt before Chris Paul got traded to Los Angeles, I’d been wanting to update the gift and get him a Clippers shirt. When I found the shirt I was looking for and picked it up, I was surprised at how thin the material felt. I looked at some of the other player and team shirts but they were all the same. Nevertheless, I bought the shirt and mailed it to him and judging by the photo, he seems pleased with it.

I’d forgotten about the shirts at the NBA Store until I put on my new Hornets shirt for the first time. Same as the shirt I got my friend, this is an Adidas Go-To Tee. It’s 100% cotton, but not heavyweight like my older shirts. My first thought was that it would be good to wear in the summer. Both my new and old Adidas shirts are Mediums, but the sleeves on the new one are noticeably shorter while the neck is wider. Overall, the shirt feels cheaper and of lesser quality. I’m assuming the thinner fabric is a way to save money on the production end.


L: An older Adidas shirt from 2008; R: the newer Go-To Tee

Bottom line, I’m not a fan of the Adidas Go-To Tee. I prefer heavyweight T-shirts and this feels too much like an undershirt. I definitely won’t be buying any more of these shirts, no matter how much I like what’s printed on them. I wonder if all the major apparel companies are going this direction or if it’s just Adidas? I’m curious to see what kind of Hornets gear Nike’s Jordan Brand will be putting out in the near future.